About Us

It’s ok to talk.

We have seen first hand the power cannabis has. We see Veterans everyday get a little winded from walking and the guards come down. Amongst our brothers and sisters we feel safe to get it out. Cannabis helps with the anxiety and pain that most veterans feel when they talk about themselves. Because of this each and every hike provides veterans with the means to let go. 

We walk once a week.

VETERANS we hike once a week all over SoCal. Cannabis is provided for Veterans and the more you walk the more discounts and freebies you get. We pick up vets from the Veterans of America house in downtown Los Angeles every Sunday. So if you have transportation that is best. We also do big events and outreach once a month. 

Find your tribe again.

No intolerance or hate is allowed. We are a universal group. All are welcome on Sundays. Any disrespect or hateful speech will be met with expulsion from our group. No exceptions.